Managed Phishing Defence

Partnered with Cofense, we deliver an end-to-end Phishing Awareness programme that begins with Managed Phishing Simulations.
Included Proven in-house methodology Included One-Click Report Plug-in
Included Realistic Phishing Emails Included Metric-Driven Training
Included Click-only, Data Entry & Attachments Included Multilingual
Included Training Included Included Fully Managed
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Simulated Phishing increases Cyber Resilience


Simulated Phishing is a key step to strengthening effective Phishing Defence.

Start by performing a Phishing simulation and gather data on Open Rates and Click Rates and provide instant Computer Based Training to those

The VREE Phishing Defense methodology reduces the click-rate on Phishing emails by providing real-time Security Awareness training.

Hundreds of detailed templates, customised for you

Realistic Campaigns

Thousands of templates that mimic real Phishing attacks, designed to simulate the most basic Spear Phishing attack to advanced targeted attack.

Each template includes bait and a hook which leads to educational material or a separate Learning Management System (LMS).

Hooks and follow-up action include:

  1. A link to a web page that can be:
    • HTML5 Educational Material
    • Falsified Data Entry Form (i.e. Office365 Login Page)
  2. An attachment (Word, Excel, .iso, .img) that can include;
    1. Enable Macro Prompt
    2. Educational Material


Simplified Educational Material, all devices, anywhere

Browsed-Based Education

Custom-crafted HTML5 web page education that is optimised for Desktops and Mobile Devices, ensuring that every user that clicks our Phishing links receives education on-the-spot.

Choose from custom browser-based education, videos or integrate with an alternative Learning Management System (LMS).


Board and Management Reports

Monthly and Quarterly reporting

Data is generated from Phishing Campaigns to provide Management Information including

  • Who opened the email
  • Who clicked the link
  • Who entered data into forms
  • Who are repeat offenders
  • Who reported phishing emails correctly (using the outlook plug-in)

Demo Below

  • Susceptibility Rate(%)
  • Simulations

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