CTO Assist

It’s an impossible job

Being the top of the department; Managing IT Operations whilst innovating and transforming a business. Especially when projects land on the desk with a two week lead time and resource is fully booked and on-track to complete other projects.

Do you wish you had somebody to take ownership of a particular project and get it done?

We’re here!

Engage us, we’ll —

  • Take Ownership
  • Understand the requirements and stage of the project
  • Understand budgets and limitations
  • Build a project plan for your approval
  • Engage suppliers (from our trusted, pre-evaluated partner base or ones you already work with)
  • Co-ordinate, schedule and mobilise
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Deliver

Cost varies

Engage us on a retained basis to continually help with work as & when you summon us.

For one-off projects we work on the following basis —

( Low base fixed cost * effort in days ) + successful milestone payments

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