Business Technology Advisory

We lead digital transformation.

Each member of the team has worked with a minimum of 20 different organisations in various capacities. We’ve seen a contrast of projects, scenarios and business challenges – learned from mistakes and refined what good looks like.

We simplify technical detail into concise business language and manage digital transformation from the initial vision through to adoption and on-going management.

Choose from a short and sharp engagement or a long-term integration where our team members become part of the board.

We guarantee improvement and an ROI without affecting service. If Vree cannot add value, we do not charge.

Do better

Gain insight into the the art of possible with today’s technology. Embed the Internet of Things into products, or integrate Artificial Intelligence into Customer Experience. We’re passionate about creative solutions to improve business for today and in the future.


Digitise manual paper-based business processes into one-click, automated workstreams. It’s time to ditch paper and lengthy processes, get things done faster with less risk and use humans for the smart work.

Cloud Services

It’s a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) world and most common software platforms integrate using API’s. The public Cloud world including Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enable rapid deployment of workloads that can be accessed immediately, securely from anywhere in the world from any device.

Learn how to adopt Cloud and use the benefits to churn faster and higher profit levels.

Cyber Security

In an internet-connected world its imperative to ensure systems are secured. Malicious actors are moving from street crime to online crime. It’s easy for an ordinary person to obtain the tools and skills to cause severe damage to a business in a targeted attack.

The connected world is not a safe place and it’s important that organisations close and bolt doors closed with several locks.

The firewall and a business-grade antivirus no longer suffices to protect from common threats – automated sophisticated attacks are very common. It’s time to understand the real risks that pose people’s livelihoods and mitigate as much as possible.


It’s not a real word, we made it up.

We believe that business management teams should focus on what’s important to them and their speciality. Engage Vree and we will transform the back-end operations of business technology to avoid sunken costs, dormant technology and work towards building an innovative, well-oiled machine.

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