Business Security

Convergence is possible

Today we are open to attack through three core dimensions, Cyber, Human and Facilities. Let’s review the state of security to identify risks and put together a programme of fortification.

Cyber Security

The perimeter security method is no longer effective — too many vulnerabilities exist within the IT environment and malicious actors and software can sneak in undetected by traditional firewalls and antivirus.

It’s important that every Management Team understand the real risks of the connected-world and have options to mitigate the most common risks. By implementing controls and technology, most threats can be mitigated.

Human Security

The biggest vulnerability in the security-world is us, the Humans. Especially when malicious actors exploit our empathy to gain access to data, locations and systems when they should not be allowed.

Whether that’s by sending a link to an innocent member of staff who clicks the link or opens an attachment containing malicious software — through to a disgruntled staff member who wishes to cause harm or steal data.

Facilities Security

Enable door entry systems, CCTV and motion sensors to talk to each other over the network — understand who is accessing what and control at a granular level.

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