What is awareness training?

Our awareness training educates employees on how to recognise a suspected
phishing attempt and report it, in order to protect themselves and the company.

Managed Phishing Simulations

Designs that mimic real attacks are delivered regularly to test staff awareness.

Data Driven Awareness Training

Effective training that is driven by the data generated from Phishing Simulations.

Continuously Delivered Strategy

Building awareness as second nature to prevent users from falling for real attacks.

Highly Affordable Managed Service

A variation of priced plans, delivered by experts for small and medium businesses in the UK.

Phishing Simulations designed
from real attacks.

Our extensive library provides a range of real-world phishing simulations that vary in difficulties, therefore heightening your user’s awareness to a multitude of scenarios.
Educated, empowered users, attuned to regular phishing threats, provide you with the best organisational defence.

Simulation Pie Chart (1)

Simulation User Response

User responses are tracked and visualised to build
effective awareness training.
We use this data to recognise employees who are
susceptible to falling for a cyber or phishing attack.
Continuous Awareness Training will empower users
to identify a phishing email as second nature and
report it. By delivering education regularly,
recognition of cyber attacks will become second nature.