Active Directory Audit (BASIC)

A free audit of Active Directory with an executive report that includes recommended remediation actions.

Active Directory Audit (BASIC) - Free Assessment

Many organisations neglect Active Directory at some point in the organisations lifetime, resulting in unused, enabled accounts and passwords which are hundreds of days old.

By neglecting Active Directory, IT Operations teams are exposing risk to the organisation — malicious actors can exploit legacy users with weak passwords to elevate access into the domain.

In order to help improve Cyber Resilience, VREE offers a free audit of Active Directory and provides a recommendation’s document to tidy up user access and accounts.

Delivered during a Remote or On-site 1/2 day

The output includes a short management report detailing...

  • Number of accounts (Enabled & Disabled)
  • Number of Domain Administrators
  • Password Policy Strength vs Best Practice
  • User Password Ages
  • Stale Admin & Service Accounts
  • High-level recommendations

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