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Secure LinkedIn: Enable Two Factor Authentication on LinkedIn

This week (26 February 2020), we’ve seen an increase in attacks through LinkedIn where attackers utilise private messaging in compromised accounts to spread throughout a user’s LinkedIn network. This harms reputation while spreading to other users at the same time.

Credential harvesting (theft) is one of the most prevalent attack’s in the world of Cyber Security today and enables the attacker to perform further reconnaissance in order to plan the next move.

Attackers are baiting people into entering credentials into falsified web forms to obtain the username and password to popular web applications such as Office 365, LinkedIn, Paypal, Ebay and many more…

Most of these platforms offer a secondary method of authentication to verify the login attempt, in addition to a simple username and password combination.

Secure LinkedIn: How to enable 2FA in LinkedIn

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in LinkedIn is straight forward. You just need a smart phone (or mobile phone).

  • Login to and press “me” in the top right
  • Select “Settings & Privacy”
  • Select the “Account” tab
  • See “Two-Step Verification”
  • Press “Turn On”
  • Select either SMS or Authenticator App (Microsoft Authentication app)
    Note: We recommend using the Authenticator App
  • Follow the steps on the screen

While you’re there, check on the other options “Devices that remember your password” and “Where you’re signed in” so you can boot-off any unwanted logins/sessions. It is wise to boot off every logged in session.

Here you can see if anyone has already logged in via your credentials and you can sign them out. Try resetting your password too and log out then log in again to create a fresh session.