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Working with Business Management Team’s to increase business value with technology
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Cyber Security

Identify the risks and implement the resources and solutions to minimise risk of a breach.

Passionate about Business, Technology & Innovation

Vree is an IT solutions and service provider which leverages over a decade of experience to increase business value with Technology.

The team behind Vree includes experienced IT Directors, technology evangelists and thought leaders with more than 60 years combined experience across SME, Mid Market & Enterprise IT — these professionals can deliver short-term engagements to deliver or recover projects, or a long-term service provision for on-going IT management.

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Innovate, Optimise, Secure

The world of business technology has evolved and traditional methods of delivering IT is becoming less effective.

Advancements in Cloud services, IoT and business software enables Business Management Teams to gain more granular visibility into Business Performance while enabling autonomous working in the workforce.

Vree handles IT Management with ease — the real value is enabling digital transformation through:

  • Innovating products & services with technology at the forefront
  • Digitising and automating business processes, reducing waste and integrating technology to suit business requirements
  • Securing IT Systems to protect valuable Intellectual Property and Data

Microsoft Office 365

Vree is an advocate of Office 365 and provides consultancy and services to clients to migrate email and data to Office 365 while realising business value from the vast set of productivity tools.

Business value from Office365 is acheived through a Vree Microsoft 365 Digital Workplace workshop where the team will provide an overview of the platform and identify where the business can integrate digital tools into the workforce for maximum productivity.

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Problem Solvers

Vree  solving problems with IT and business technology.

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